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  • Emergency Line: 1 727 307 1977
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Tampa Largo Notary Public

Notary Public Tampa team- we are licensed, bonded, insured, certified Florida Notaries Public in Tampa, providing full  Notary Public service assistance to residents of Florida and we remain strongly committed towards providing high quality services. We are able to notarize documents in any language. For any questions regarding our Notary Public Services and requests please feel free to call at 727-3071977

Types of documents

Documents in ANY LANGUAGE

English-German- Italian-Romanian-Bulgarian-Armenian- Azerbaijani-Georgian-Greek-Hungarian-Albanian-Serbian-Bosnian-Latvian-Lithuanian-Estonian-Slovenian-Slovakian-Polish-Macedonian-Croatian-Czech-Turkish

* Permission to travel (child consent)
* International Bank agreements and forms
* Statements
* Power of Attorney
* Inheritance
* Affidavits
* Apostille
* Verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs)


* Доверенности -генеральные, на имущество, на авто, банковские
* Согласия (на выписку, на вывоз ребенка)
* Свидетельства о нахождении в живых (для Пенсионного Фонда)
* Справки
* Вступление в наследство (отказ от наследства)
* Пенсионные документы (доверенность на открытие пенсионного счета, доверенность на распоряжение пенсией)
* Завещания
* Апостили
* Финансовая поддержка
* Гостевые и бизнес приглашения в США


    • Notarization of 1 signature- $10 -regular, $20 -with special form (to be accepted for Apostille)
    • Аpostille: $40 (Notary Public documents), $50 (Clerk of Court documents). Processing time- up to 2 weeks. Expedited Apostille Services available.
    • VIN Verification: $45 (parking behind the building)
    • Settling/Editing the document – $60 (Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian)
    • Copy certification with special acknowledgement form (Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian)$20
    • Полный пакет документов для России- Украины-Молдовы-Беларуси-Узбекистана-Казахстана-Таджикистана$135 (включает: заверенный документ, Апостиль, перевод апостиля, прошитие с золотой печатью)

About Notary Public

Our Russian Notary Public in Largo is licensed by Florida Department of State and can only perform his duties in state of Florida. Signatures can be only notarized in the presence of signer because signer has to present valid state ID or driver license and put original signature in front of Notary Public. Please refer to Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries Public.

We serve clients from greater Tampa Bay and nearby regions and personal appearance is necessary.

Please note: we do not print Apostilles and are not able to get them same day. Apostille is issued only by Florida Department of State and it takes up to 2 weeks to get it. If for any reason you need it rush – you should submit your document in person in Tallahassee or use our Expedited Apostille Service at extra cost.

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